The ICP Support 2.6 Challenge

Have you heard about the new 2.6 challenge? It’s a brilliant idea to support charities during Coronavirus – and you can join in.

ICP Support is one of the charities affected by coronavirus. Income has already dropped and the shortfall will be around £26K. This income funds the support for women who have a liver condition of pregnancy called intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP). Women with ICP suffer dreadful itching that means they can’t sleep. They suffer huge anxiety because in its most severe form ICP can cause stillbirth.Super Girl

Demand for the charity’s support services has recently risen. Women with ICP are having fewer visits to their health professionals during this time. It’s leaving them feeling anxious and frightened about their babies’ safety. It means that:

  • Calls to the charity’s supportline have quadrupled
  • Emails to the charity have doubled
  • Questions in the social media groups are coming in every day of the week

Your participation in the 2.6 Challenge will help the charity. You will help reduce the fear that some women who have ICP suffer. You will ensure that women get the right information they need about ICP.

You will save unborn babies’ lives.

How to take part

The official start of the 2.6 Challenge is on Sunday 26 April, and it will last a week. You can do it in your own home or during your daily exercise, following all the social distancing rules. But you can do it before then if you’re ready.

You can set up your 2.6 Challenge fundraising page to raise money for ICP Support on Virgin Money Giving or JustGiving. You can set any fundraising target you like.

Here are the links:

Just follow the instructions on those pages to get started. Your fundraising page should automatically be connected to ICP Support – you’ll see our logo.

What sort of challenge can you take on?

26 Fun IdeasAnything you like! There are no rules, apart from the Government guidelines on how to exercise safely during this time. Whatever you can do, you can be a part of it – the main thing is to get active, have fun and pledge whatever you can to help.

  • You could run round your garden 26 times
  • Climb your stairs 26 times
  • Run or walk 2.6 kilometres
  • Stand on one leg for 2.6 minutes (that’s 156 seconds to save you working it out!)
  • Skip for 2.6 minutes
  • Do 26 press-ups
  • Children can travel for 2.6 kilometres on their scooters
  • Row on your rowing machine in 26 minutes
  • Or anything you can think of!

Here are some more ideas on the 2.6 challenge website.

For yet more ideas, download Virgin Money Giving’s 26 Fun Ideas for Brilliant Families Taking on the 2.6 Challenge.

What if I can’t be active?

You can still make a contribution to the 2.6 challenge. For example:

  • If you’re working from home and not travelling to work, you’re probably saving petrol or fares. How about donating the price of 26 litres of petrol, or 26 (or 2.6) single bus/train fares?
  • Can’t go to your favourite coffee shop? Donate the price of 26 (or 2.6) coffees!
  • No more evenings in the pub? OK – donating the price of 26 pints of beer might be a bit of a stretch, but how about 2.6 pints’ worth? Or 2.6 glasses of wine?
  • Making your own lunchtime sandwiches instead of buying them? Donate the price of 26 (or 2.6 – you’re getting the idea we’re sure) sandwiches.
  • Dining out is off the menu, but why not donate the tip you would have given (×26 or 2.6)?
  • Or 2.6/26 times anything else you can think of!

To make your donation, follow these links:

Thank you!