ICP Support’s 30th Anniversary

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It’s incredible to think that ICP Support has been going (in various forms) since 1991. Many of the people that we’re helping today weren’t even born when Jenny Chambers first set up what was then known as the ‘Obstetric Cholestasis Support & Information Line’. Over the years, ICP Support has made huge strides in making healthcare professionals aware of ICP, improving the treatment of women with the condition and preventing the tragedy of stillbirth.

But there is still a lot more to do. Despite the advances in our understanding of ICP, there is still no cure and no sure way to reduce the awful itching. Much more research is needed. And while that research goes on, women and their families still need the support and reassurance that ICP Support provides.

Our 30th anniversary fundraising campaign is aiming to raise £100,000. At least 40% of what we raise will go to research, with the rest ensuring that our work to support women and healthcare professionals continues.

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