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Putting articles together about how the charity came to be started has evoked a lot of memories for me; I had completely forgotten that just weeks after suffering my second stillbirth, I was fundraising (which I haven't stopped doing 30 years later!). I have no idea how I managed it – I think I was probably still in shock. This fundraising was about refurbishing the special needs suite at my local hospital. At that stage we also had no idea why Olivia had died. We assumed that it must be connected to the cause of her sister Victoria's stillbirth in 1986, but we didn't know what. I also felt convinced that the itching I had experienced in all my pregnancies must have something to do with it, but I was still being told at this stage that it didn't. The diagnosis of ICP was to come a short time after this press article, and whilst it came as a huge shock to us, it changed the whole focus of what I wanted to do. You can read more about this and the development of ICP Support in the next article!

Jenny Chambers, Founder

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