ICP in the media: Article No. 3

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I have a huge attachment to Sands. I was Chair of Birmingham Sands for five years and a Trustee for them back in 1994. Although the bulk of what I donate to charity goes to ICP Support, I do still make a small donation to Sands every month because I know only too well as CEO of ICP Support how all those small monthly donations add up!

This was my very first attempt at writing something about ICP for another organisation (note that I called it ICP to begin with and then changed my mind and went for obstetric cholestasis later on – doh!), and it took me ages. I had a GP friend helping me and Sands were incredibly supportive in publishing it in their Newsletter as they wanted to help awareness of ICP. Can you spot what has changed in the diagnosis and management of ICP since this article?

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