About ICP: in detail

ICP Support is different from other organisations providing information on the condition because two of the trustees who run the charity also work in research into the condition (see the pictures of Jenny and Pete below). This means that what you read here is the most up-to-date research and thinking on what should happen in an ICP pregnancy. This should enable you, working together with your healthcare professionals, to ensure that you and your baby receive what’s considered to be the best care.

In these pages you will find detailed information about the condition, together with how it is diagnosed, treated and managed. We include some references to the scientific literature, but there are many more that we could have added. A fuller list of references can be found at our Research papers page.

In the lab
Jenny Chambers works for Professor Catherine Williamson as her Clinical Trials Coordinator. Jenny helps with the design and implementation of research studies into ICP, as well as recruiting women to take part in research and collecting samples (such as blood, urine and placenta) to be used in research.

Genetic research
Dr Peter Dixon is Senior Scientist to Professor Catherine Williamson. Peter is the team's genetics expert as well as investigating other aspects of the condition.

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