Covid-19 fundraising: you reached the target!

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, ICP Support was faced with the loss of most of our regular fundraising income: running and cycling events were first postponed and then cancelled, afternoon tea parties could no longer be held and any other activity that involved people gathering together to raise money was effectively banned.

But even a small charity like ours has significant running costs, and with a calculated shortfall in income over the following six months of £26,000 our reserves would soon be depleted.

We cut costs wherever we could: our always supportive landlord gave us a rent holiday on the office, and we moved into a smaller, less expensive room in the same building. Staff were furloughed for a short while. CEO Jenny Chambers took up the administrative slack on a voluntary basis, on top of her paid hours. Trustees and volunteers pitched in with extra hours. Meetings moved online. Work continued from home.

But none of that would have been enough without your help. We set a target of raising £26,000 by the end of September to match the shortfall, and through a variety of fundraising events during spring and summer – scroll through our Facebook page to see just some of what was done – your fantastic efforts have reached the goal with a couple of weeks to spare. The final total is:


One thing we never forget, though, is that keeping ICP Support going is not an end in itself. The point of all this activity is to make sure that when life returns to something approaching normal, we’ll still be here – supporting you and your family through the ICP journey, and ensuring that every ICP baby is born safely.