ICP Support is a small charity that achieves a lot – we have a research-based website, a dedicated Support and Information Line, an active Facebook page and groups, and a generic charity leaflet.

Because we are small, we aren’t cash-rich, but we need to raise enough money to achieve our aims. Among other things, we need money to print our leaflets (a print run for 1000 of our generic leaflets costs around £75), to maintain and extend the Support and Information Line (currently costs £1000 a year) and to support research (we donate a minimum of 10% or our bank balance at the end of every financial year to research). We need to do all these things if we are to ensure that all ICP babies are born safely.

That’s why we need you to help us. If you are already one of our active supporters or a regular donor – thank you! If you are considering donating to us or taking part in a fundraising activity, have a look at the ways in which you can do this.

We guarantee that your money will help. We know that every month over 2500 people look at our website, at least 100 people contact us via the Support and Information Line and Facebook groups, and at least 10 women sign up to take part in research because of us.

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