The ICP Support Monthly Lottery

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Since January 2018, ICP Support has held a monthly lottery to raise funds to continue to support those of you affected by ICP. To take part, all you have to do is buy your ticket(s) from our online store. Tickets cost £5 each, and 25% of the amount raised will be returned in prize money.

How to enter

It’s easy! Go to our store and buy your ticket(s). You’ll be sent a PDF of your ticket(s), including the ticket number. At the end of each month a computerised random number generator will select the winning ticket, and we’ll contact the winner to arrange payment.

Buy now!

Alternatively, you can set up a standing order to buy your ticket(s) every month. Just click here to send us your email address and we will contact you with the necessary information.

If the link above does not work for any reasons, just send an email to and we’ll send you the details.

November 2022 draw

This draw runs until midnight (UK time) on 30 November 2022. There is one prize, equal to 25% of total ticket sales.

Past winners


  • January: David Owen, £72.50
  • February: Suzanne Taylor, £68.75
  • March: Clare McNeil, £66.25
  • April: Debbie Wilson, £70.00
  • May: Kerry Holden, £71.25
  • June: Annie Sears, £70.00
  • July: Yvonne Corbishley, £67.50
  • August: Jackie Urquhart, £68.75
  • September: John Collard, £66.25
  • October: TBC, £80.00


  • January: Anne Macleod, £75
  • February: David Owen, £72.50
  • March: Alison Walsh, £70.00
  • April: Mark Heath, £70.00
  • May: Martine Monksfield, £70.00
  • June: Claire McNeil, £70.00
  • July: Eileen Kingston, £67.50
  • August: Laura Storr, £63.75
  • September: Alex Awolaja, £68.75
  • October: Bill Dixon, £71.25
  • November: Susan Curran, £65.00
  • December: 1st – Tracy Brown, £131.25; 2nd – Diane Dunkley, £78.75


  • January: Kate Wilson, £77.50
  • February: John Collard, £73.75
  • March: Robert Crookston, £73.75
  • April: Charlotte Hart, £75.00
  • May: Mica Barnes, £78.75
  • June: Mark Heath, £82.50
  • July: Moira McCrindle, £72.50
  • August: Alison Walsh, £83.75
  • September: Charlotte Hart, £73.75
  • October: Kate Gudgeon, £68.75
  • November: Lucy Barry, £80.00
  • December: 1st – David Owen, £138.75; 2nd – Clare Pugh, £83.25


  • January: Laura Storr, £85.00
  • February: Elisabeth Mossler-Lundberg, £77.50
  • March: Beth Muir, £63.75
  • April: Rebecca Dallinger, £73.75
  • May: Jackie Spence, £72.50
  • June: Gemma Greenhalgh, £63.75
  • July: Alex Awolaja, £71.25
  • August: Anne Macleod, £76.25
  • September: Tracy Brown, £95.00
  • October: Jackie Spence, £66.25
  • November: Laura Penn, £67.50
  • December: 1st – Clare Pugh, £205.00; 2nd – Melanie Carrington, £123.00


  • January: Mary Sutton, £77.50
  • February: Meghan Hutchins, £77.50
  • March: Claire Kane, £145.00
  • April: Lisa Barlow, £108.75
  • May: Rachel Hill, £78.75
  • June: Russell Knight, £81.25
  • July: Mica Barnes, £93.75
  • August: Rebecca Dallinger, £63.75
  • September: Elaine Hunt, £58.75
  • October: Magdalen Rees, £61.25
  • November: Yvonne Corbishley, £95.00
  • December: 1st – Jodie Linning, £192.50; 2nd – Lisa Barlow, £115.50

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all ICP Support lotteries and raffles unless stated elsewhere.

You must be 16 or over to enter this lottery. Trustees and employees of ICP Support, and their household members, are not eligible to enter.

If you live outside the UK, you must have a PayPal account in order to receive any prize. You are responsible for ensuring that entering a lottery is legal in your country or state.

Tickets will be on sale until midnight (UK time) on the advertised date. Any tickets purchased after that time will be entered in the following month’s draw, for which prizes may differ.

The draw will take place as soon as practicable after the closing deadline. The winner will be chosen randomly by means of a computerised random number generator.

The winner will be notified as soon as possible after the draw is made and arrangements will be made to pay the prize. If we are unable to contact the winner within seven days of making the draw, we will draw a new winner.

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