Planning and organising your event

We’re thrilled that you would like to raise money for ICP Support! If you have never raised money for charity before we can imagine that you may feel a little daunted, but we’re here to support you and to help you make sure that your efforts will be as successful, rewarding and memorable as they can be.

Perhaps you already know what you would like to do, but we have our favourite ideas in our Top 10 fundraising ideas section. If you have anything that you think is better than one of these suggestions let us know.

Before you get started here are some top tips for making your event fun, successful and stress-free!

  • Keep it simple. Ask friends and colleagues to help. Sharing the workload is easier and less stressful, and makes the whole event a lot more fun. It also means that you get the benefit of lots of different ideas and experience.
  • Please make sure you register your fundraising activity with us by completing and returning the Registration Form. If you have any questions or concerns in relation to your activities you can contact us on 07709 634497 or email us at Once you have registered, one of us will be in contact with you.
  • Be organised and have a clear plan from the very beginning. Before you decide on the date of your event make sure that it doesn’t clash with other events, like the World Cup Final, Grand National or a main ICP Support event!
  • You’ll find it helpful to work out any expenses in advance and to think of ways to cut costs. This could be anything from getting sponsorship for your event to persuading companies to provide gifts or services at a reduced rate.
  • You must ensure that you seek permission and check legal requirements for your event. Make sure you find out whether you require any special licenses or permissions. This particularly applies if you are planning to organise a raffle or street collection in aid of ICP Support. Contact your local council to find out more.
  • As the event organiser you must be careful to ensure the safety of those attending the event. Not only are you required to comply with Health and Safety legislation but you may also need to consider First Aid and Fire Safety requirements. Your local council will be able to provide you with full details. Alternatively, you can contact the Health and Safety Executive on 0845 345 0055 or visit for free advice. Read our The Legal Bit fact sheet for useful information.
  • If you organise a fundraising event, please ensure that all parties involved (including yourself/service providers/venue etc.) all have their own adequate public liability insurance for the event, and where possible retain copies for your records. We would also recommend that a written risk assessment is undertaken.
  • Get publicity for your event! You could put up posters, hand out flyers and even get your local papers and radio stations involved. We have a template that you can use on how to write a press release and promote your event effectively, so just drop us a line to request it. Please remember that you must either use a poster that has been designed by us or, if you wish to create your own, you will need to submit it to us for approval. You can state that you are raising funds for ICP Support and you must display our name, our logo and our charity details on any poster, flyer or collecting can/bucket that you use:

    ICP Support, Limited company registered in England and Wales No. 07817408; Charity registration number 1146449

    We do have collecting cans and material that we can send you to help make your event a great one.
  • After the event, it’s really important to make sure that you thank everyone involved: not only is it polite, but you may need their help at your next event. We can provide you with information leaflets about ICP Support to send out with your thank you notes to help fire them with enthusiasm.
  • Finally and most importantly of all: HAVE FUN!