ICP in the media

This page includes links to coverage of ICP in the media. Some of the fundraising events are also cover on our Recent fundraising page.

ICP in the news 2021

  • Jenny Chambers writes about ICP and ICP Support in the AIMS Journal (3 June)

ICP in the news 2018

  • Vikki Meredith’s story was featured in Chronicle Live ahead of her participation in the Great North Run.

    Meredith family

  • Jenny Hastings’ challenge to take on at least two competitive races each month is featured in the Reading Chronicle (18 April).
  • Libby McAdam’s story was featured in the Scottish Mail On Sunday on 28 January: PDF.

ICP in the news 2017

ICP in the news 2015

  • Yvonne Corbishley’s bike ride featured in the Eastbourne Herald (link no longer available).
  • Laura Lockwood’s Bath Colour Obstacle Rush reported in the Wiltshire Times on 15 July.
  • Kerry Anderson’s story featured in the Dundee Courier on 14 July. You can also download a PDF of the article.
  • Lisa McNally’s story featured on Channel 9 News in Australia on 4 July.
  • James Osborne’s bike ride in aid of ICP Support is covered in the Nottingham Post (link no longer available).
  • Lisa McNally’s story of the loss of her baby is featured at Essential Baby in Australia.
  • Amy Sparkes promotes her new book, The Mouse who Sailed the Seas, as well as ICP Support. Amy is donating some of her royalties to the charity.
    This is the West Country.
  • Emily Harvey's Newark Advertiser articleEmily Harvey’s story is featured in the Newark Advertiser. Her mother-in-law, Kerry Holden lives near Newark and arranged for the story to be published during Awareness Week.

ICP in the news 2014

  • Lisa Grund was featured in the Queensland Times on 13 December (article no longer online).
  • Emily Harvey has raised a massive £2310 (plus Gift Aid) for ICP Support in memory of her son Oliver. She tells her story in the 8 December issue of New! magazine. Download/view the article here (PDF).
    Emily Harvey's New! article
    Since the article appeared we have also received a further £200 in additional donations.
  • Clare Johnson’s story is in the Autumn issue of Seeds & Saplings, the magazine of the St Albans & District NCT.
  • Three-page article on ICP in the South African magazine Your Pregnancy, featuring two women’s stories.
  • Claire Carter tells her story in Real People.
  • ICP and ICP Support featured in the September issue of Prima Baby & Pregnancy magazine in the UK. It’s on page 61 of the print edition.
  • Sophie Taylor’s charity climb of the Eiffel Tower has seen her nominated for a Trinity Mirror/ScottishPower Your Champions 2014 award.
  • Jenny Chambers interviewed by children’s author Amy Sparkes (link no longer available).
  • Yvonne Corbishley’s story was featured in the Eastbourne Herald (May 2014).
  • Sophie Taylor raised £457 by climbing the Eiffel Tower on her birthday.
  • The Chester Chronicle previews Sophie Taylor’s sponsored climb of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Daily Record article on Gillian Trueman’s story.
  • Garstang Courier article on Claire Carter and Richard Horman’s Awareness week fundraising event (link no longer available).
  • Alice Tuson’s Awareness Week coffee morning previewed in the St Albans and Harpenden Review
  • Kim Cullum’s story was featured on TVNZ’s ‘One News’ programme in New Zealand on 7 February (link no longer available).
  • Emma Holt’s story is featured in the Sunday Post (PDF).

ICP in the news 2013

ICP in the news 2012

OC in the news 2011

  • Jenny Chambers and Alice Tuson (2011) Scratching can reveal more than just an itch. The Practising Midwife, October, pages 30–33.
  • midirs articleAlice Tuson and Jenny Chambers (2011) Obstetric cholestasis: information about the condition, its consequences for women, and why this knowledge is important to midwives and others caring for women in pregnancy, labour and afterwards. MIDIRS Midwifery Digest, 21(3), pages 324–328.
  • The BBC reports on research at Imperial College – 2 August 2011.
  • NCT Mid-SussexAlice Tuson (2011) OC – My personal experience. NCT Mid-Sussex Newsletter, Summer, Pages 48–51.
    Alice’s own story.

  • South Wales ArgusNewport man to skydive for pregnancy charity

OC in the news 2010

  • A deadly itchJenny Chambers (2010) A deadly itch. Midwives, June/July, Pages 36–37.
    An article written to raise awareness of OC among midwives.